Zara Shafiq

communication designer
An oil painter

Zara Bio

Zara is a communication designer and an oil painter. Being a communication designer it never stopped her loving Fine-arts. Time to time she has been painting and putting her expression of life into the canvases. She truthfully always loved painting ever since she was a child. She loves colors and there isn’t a subject she can’t fall in love with. She has been creating arts since 2007. From still life to landscapes and live portraits. Recently she has started working on a new project which depicts the essence of a happy life with serenity. Her approach is modern and in her paintings she has shown the happiness of present day with serenity. She has achieved to show the impression of modern happiness with the colors, by figurative form and modern expression. Her style is simple. In her paintings she has tried to show the feeling of being a happy person. To celebrate the peace and joy that art can bring during the age of coronavirus. Sometimes we are so busy in our lives that we often forget to celebrate what we have and those who have been around. So painting this series has been done just to show the simple pursuit of happiness. She wanted her audience to feel the serene from her paintings. Sometimes the simple things that matters we often tend to ignore them. But if we admire the smallest things with which we are blessed we can make our present and future better. We all have a power to heal, to heal from the wounds and to heal from the broken heart and as soon we realize the power of healing we achieved the state of serenity. Her paintings are just about healing and staying happy in a present moment.

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